kill mysqld :)

Pablo Velasquez pablo at
Mon Apr 10 16:36:21 CDT 2000

Hello everyone:
Just had to restart our MySQL, it "froze". I'm working on a
Perl-Restart-Stuff script... meaning trying to execute commands from a
browser. So in case I'm away from my computer I can get to a browser and
just "click here to restart" MySQL. Or "click here to restart Apache"... Or,
to avoid logging in the machine every time something goes wrong, I can just
point-n-click my way to a new restart...Or I can direct someone at our home
office how to restart, etc...

However, I have a couple of questions, they're Linux related...

#1: I killed MySQL by executing distinct commands:

kill -KILL 7036
kill -KILL 7044
kill -KILL 7045

What I was wondering is: can I issue one command to bring all mysql
processes to a stop.

For example: kill -KILL 9 mysqld

Or something like that?

Question #2: How could I feed a "command" from a browser to a remote

Meaning, even type it before hand, then by pressing a button I execute a
command, as if I was logged in on the command line...

Any help would be appreciated...I'll submit for posting online to our site in case anyone finds it helpful...


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