Web page

Doug and Julie Miles dmiles at
Wed Sep 22 22:38:27 CDT 1999

OK, the ugly page is up.  Hopefully it is enough of an eye-sore to motivate
us to fix it! :) - past ideas.  Send in new ideas and updates!

I was wrong about the mysql access, but I'm going to see what I can do
about that (don't hold your breath).  We do have cgi, Apache/mod_perl,
however.  If you want to participate, post to the list with your name,
email address, and what you want to do (HTML/graphic design, message board,
poll cgi, etc.).  I'll compile a list, and put it on the site, so everyone
knows who's doing what.  I'll be the website pumpking (man perhist for
definition), so all changes will be sent to me before going on to the
server.  Feel free to submit complete redesigns, and if we have several,
we'll vote on them.

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