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Doug and Julie Miles dmiles at
Wed Sep 22 19:33:07 CDT 1999

Here's a job opportunity that someone may be interested in.

>I'm looking for a Perl programmer to help us with automating
>our url submission service. We are on a shared server running
>Apache over Linux. Our clients' data will be submitted to
>500 search engines, directories, free for all sites, etc. 
>We would like this project to be programmed from an object
>oriented approach using the LWP library and mSQL (using 
>DBI/DBD). This is going to be an end-to-end online service
>where the client receives an online report at completion
>and is able to submit multiple times per year or month.
>The online credit card transaction system is already in
>place as are the necessary modules.
>If you are experienced and available for this type of work,
>a more detailed description is below. Please return us a 
>price quote and estimated time to completion.
>> features for clients using the system:
>- submission to over 500 search engines, directories, free for all
>pages, etc. using OOP (LWP, etc.). We would like there to be about 20
>submissions to speed the process.
>- while the submission process is taking place, the search engines'
>confirmation/failure pages will be captured and appear/be replaced in 10
>window frames in
>the browser. This gives the client visual proof of submissions taking
>- we will charge an initiation fee and then monthly recurrent billing
>based on 3 submissions per mo.   
>- an interface for the client to change their contact/website/billing
>database info.
>- precautions should be taken so that a client cannot manipulate the
>system and make more submissions than allowed. 
>- an automated email confirmation is sent to the client after the
>submission is completed, giving them the url of the submission report
>and the number
>of submissions they have left in the month.
>- clients should have the ability to cancel their service and stop the
>recurrent billing, but have the ability to reactivate their account
>later without
>re-entering their data or paying the initiation fee.
>> on-line credit card processing company we will be using:
>- iTransact. We have already been using them and you may alter as
>> features do you required for the site administrator / webmaster:
>- ability to modify/add/drop the search engine, directory, ffa
>submission sites. for example, a search engine may add a title field, or
>drop another,
>etc....ffa sites expire quite often and need to be replaced with new
>ones. we
>also may want to expand to 800 or 1000 sites at some point in the
>- since there will be more than one client using the system at once, use
>of muliple scripts and/or file locking routines will be necessary.
>- HIGHLY commented scripts describing what is happening and why with all
>aspects of the program.
>- ability to change the number of monthly submissions a client can make.
>- some of the major search engines are checking the http header data to
>  make sure the submission is made by a browser, otherwise the
>submission  will be rejected. Therefore, you would have to make sure
>netscape or ie  browser header data is sent to them (e.g., LWP:UserAgent
>has useful
>methods for this).
>> example of the report provided to our clients:
> (no urls).
>We will need a contract price for this project. 15% will be held back
>until 60 days after the project goes live. We will retain all rights to
>the scripts. Our lawyer will draw up an agreement. The above is a
>description, but gives you a basic idea of what we are looking for.
>Thank you,
>Darryl Dyck
>Tristar Publishers
>InterSight Holdings, Inc.
>ph (604) 882-1333
>fax(604) 882-2966

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