Peter J Jones p at
Fri Jan 22 22:57:37 CST 1999

Hello all,

    Just thought that I would add my $0.02 in.

    As far as my OS I use FreeBSD at home and Solaris, AIX and NT at
work. Oh yeah, can't forget my wife's Mac (Performa 630). I did
everything the hard way with my FreeBSD box so I would love to help
anyone with such questions if I can. If anyone hears of a job doing Perl
stuff I would just love to apply. I am doing Perl programming at AMEX
and so far they do not seem to be open minded about it. Meeting time
sounds good (I just need to get my butt down there).

    Anyone have any really good tips for debugging Perl Modules? Can't
seem to get gdb to do it.

See you all at the next meeting,

Peter J Jones
Surprise, AZ

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