Minutes 01/19/1999

Shay Harding mekla at
Thu Jan 21 23:00:04 CST 1999

Tuesday nights and Saturdays are definitely not good for me for meetings. I've
got class on those days.

Any other day should be good though.

>I'd like to see some discussions generated on the mailing list.  They don't
>have to necessarily relate to Perl, because this is a social as well as
>technical.  If anyone needs a job, or is looking for someone, feel free to
>post your need.  If you have Perl questions, feel free to post also.
><SOAPBOX>I'd like to see a friendly community here.  This means no OS flame
>wars, etc. :)  Also, because those in our group vary in Perl experience,
>let's try to keep it friendly.  My feeling is that if you want a strictly
>Perl forum, there are plenty of those already.<SOAPBOX>

I'd like to know what everyone runs as an OS at home, or wherever you use the
computer most. Just a curiousity I suppose.

Also does anyone have any experience with PerlQT, or QT in general? I have a
program I've been working on for X-windows which is a Windoze recycle-bin
clone, with a few extras planned. I'd like to port it using QT so it is faster
and to integrate it into KDE. Most of the stuff needed for that is available as
custom widgets/classes from the KDE website (

This really started out as a simple script, but has grown a bit more complex
and I still have 3 pages of stuff to add to it. Anyone interested?


Shay Harding

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