Minutes 01/19/1999

Doug and Julie Miles dmiles at
Thu Jan 21 15:08:19 CST 1999

We had a good turnout for our second meeting, and for those who couldn't,
I'd like to get a little feedback.  Was the time/date/place not convenient?

We discussed future meeting times and places.  It appears that weekday
nights are most convenient for those who attended.  Also, we will continue
holding our meetings at the MAC America building for the foreseeable future.

Another topic was do we want meetings to be more technical or more social.
The consensus was to have a variety of both.  I welcome any social event
ideas, and volunteers to do technical presentations.

I'd like to see some discussions generated on the mailing list.  They don't
have to necessarily relate to Perl, because this is a social as well as
technical.  If anyone needs a job, or is looking for someone, feel free to
post your need.  If you have Perl questions, feel free to post also.
<SOAPBOX>I'd like to see a friendly community here.  This means no OS flame
wars, etc. :)  Also, because those in our group vary in Perl experience,
let's try to keep it friendly.  My feeling is that if you want a strictly
Perl forum, there are plenty of those already.<SOAPBOX>

We discussed what we want to have on our web site.  Here are a few of the
ideas.  Please contribute if you have any others.

Job board/Resume Board
Mailing list sign up
- PM T-Shirts link
Meeting topics
Meeting ideas

The URL is  There's nothing there now, but keep
checking back.  Let me know if you are interested in helping.

If you have any ideas of places to recruit new members, let me know.  At
this point I'm not too concerned with this.  I'm shooting for quality
rather than quantity.

I'm also looking for a volunteer to take notes for the meetings, and post
messages like this one.  And another volunteer to run meetings when I can't
make it.

I look forward to meeting all of you, and sharing in your Perl experience.

Doug and Julie Miles

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