[Philadelphia-pm] programmers wanted

Geoffrey Young geoff at modperlcookbook.org
Fri Sep 14 06:00:22 PDT 2012

hi all :)

it's been a while since I've been involved with the group, but to the
best of my memory, direct job posting were welcome :)

to that end, I wanted to everyone know that the company I work for is
looking for a few new hires at just about every engineering level.
specifically, backend engineers (yes plural) for my team.

you can find out some general job and company information here:


but here are some other things you're likely to find interesting...

  o we're a python shop, but don't let that stop you - I didn't know
python before starting here, and after a year and a half I still
regularly laud the superiority of perl in the office :)

  o we work on interesting problems - in the past 6 months we have
launched completely new products based on solr and mahout, and spend a
lot of time with hadoop and hive.

  o the company is officially a startup, but we're now over 100 people
company wide and over 35 in engineering.

  o not only is there catered lunch every day, but the fridge is
stocked with beer.  good beer - the people here are beer snobs, it
seems :)

  o we're in conshohocken, walkable from the spring mill station of
the manayunk/norristown line, and right on the bike path to valley
forge - on any given day, we probably have 6-8 bikers commute from
center city.

  o our engineers have a strong presence in philly PUG - phl.pm for
python folks - so they hold similar values of openness and sharing.

  o it's fun, interesting, and challenging for me personally... and it
has historically taken a lot for me to say positive things about
anywhere that I've worked :)

anyway, if you poke around the site and are interested, send me your
resume directly and I'll make sure it goes through the proper
channels.  I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have.


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