[Philadelphia-pm] lunching in center city Philly

Ricardo Signes perl.phl at rjbs.manxome.org
Mon Sep 10 15:31:56 PDT 2012

* Sherry Nelson <sherry.nelson at gmail.com> [2012-09-10T17:07:13]
> I'm not a headhunter, but thought that some of you might be interested in
> an open Perl position at my organization, the American College of
> Physicians. We are located at 6th & Race in downtown Philly. I'm a
> developer there and can try to answer any questions about the position.

Hey, I work at 11th and Vine.  We're neighbors.

I wonder how many other Philly Perl people are in the neighborhood and would be
interested in a lunch once in a while.  I commute in from Bethlehem three days
a week, so I almost never stick around for PHL.pm when it happens -- it's too
difficult to deal with the commute, because I take the bus exclusively.

So if anybody wants to start declaring random "let's get lunch and talk about
sigils" events, especially on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Fridays, especially between
Old City and  Rittenhouse or so, I would be down with that.

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