[Pdx-pm] Parsing CSV Files

Andrew Clapp andrew.clapp at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 18:27:34 PST 2020

Hello folks, I'm seeking advice on a module if anyone out there knows
of something that's already there.

I'm looking at a few different options from cpan but I'm stuck on
finding a ready made solution for this one.  There's gotta be
something I missed.  Here's the problem in brief.

I have to parse a CSV file, but it's double-quote wrapped, with commas
in the fields.

Example with a header...

"ID","name","desc","detailed desc"
"1234","thing","A nifty phrase that's easy to read","some, list, of
things, with commas, not so easy"

I've tried Pasrse::CSV which looks promising, and tried doing it
myself, which works, but it's kludgey beyond useful legibility.  I
believe there's a good way to do this that I've not seen yet.


Thanks for looking.



Andrew S. Clapp
Aeonic Enterprises

"They're always searching for the magic bullet, and actually it's the
culmination of a lot of different things."  -Ken Fischer

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