[Pdx-pm] Meeting Location for giving a talk? Topic ideas?

Andrew Hewus Fresh andrew+pdxpm at afresh1.com
Mon Feb 17 12:41:30 PST 2020

At the last Perlmonger meetup, Eric and I were talking about doing some
talks and finding a location to do that to try to stir up interest.  

Anyone have thoughts on place to host or things to talk about?  I'm
going to ask Lyle to see if he can host some at Collective Agency, but
he runs a functional programming meetup, so I don't think he wants to
take on hosting full-time.

We came up with that we thought we could talk about without too much
trouble, but if you have things you'd like to hear about, or be able to
talk about, even better.

* Inheritance in Perl
  (This would be an updated version of a talk I gave at pdx.pm already)
* Perltidy, what it is, new features
* Intro to DBIx::Class
* Perl Worst Practices
* Intro to Mojolicious
* Intro to Dist::Zilla
* What is CPANTesters?
* Plenv and Carton
* Intro to Plack Middleware
* Intro to Mocking

We do have an old Meeting Wishlist, not sure if that gives y'all ideas.

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