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got OSCON on our
us for the 15th Anniversary of the O'Reilly Open Source Convention

Sometimes we do a quick reality check and realize that *not
everyone*thinks about OSCON as much as we do. So, even though it's
approaching, we're curbing the urge to flood you with details you already

Instead, we'll share a few things *you may not know*:

   - A huge part of OSCON is made up of *new speakers, fresh sessions, and
   things you haven't heard before*. If you think the schedule features a
   classic cast of speakers and topics, you're right, but it's also so much

   - Open source is mainstream. Really mainstream. But that doesn't mean
   boring. It's still the province of *brilliant, original thinkers and
   wildly creative hackers,* but everyone else uses open source software,
   too. You've got to keep abreast of developments and best practices if you
   want to succeed.

   - Portland, Oregon is one of the *coolest, most tech-friendly,
   comfortable-yet-progressive places to be.* There's wonderful ambience,
   great food and drink, fresh air activities, and...OSCON.

Take a minute now to check out *the
convince your boss<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zhmpevi0792lbl608u07voc2dha2m178ust4ae30>,
*or* reserve your
*Early pricing ends June 6.

Here's hoping we'll see you at OSCON 2013.

*Edd Dumbill, Matthew McCullough, and Sarah Novotny*
*OSCON Program Chairs*

*Namely that OSCON is *the* event for the open source community, it's
brimming with open source knowledge, popular speakers and open source rock
stars, and that in addition to great sessions, training, and industry news,
there are nonstop extracurricular events that will keep you alert,
intrigued, and engaged.

Reserve Your Spot

Early Pricing Ends June 6
View the Schedule<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zcmblel6po9fkqndqs3a0bigu342ugv9b50est5o>
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