[Pdx-pm] Moe, Moose, Rudolph, Mo, Moo, Mouse, Zeus, and Seuss (Perl with Objects aka Perl++)

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 12:20:02 PST 2013

# from chromatic on Friday 01 March 2013:
>Ever play Jenga? Blindfolded? In the dark? Over a tank of sharks
>who've been  watching cable news? Also, the instructions are in a
>macro language that's only ever accreted over time.
>> At this rate, Perl 6 will be production-ready by the time I don't
>> have to add a real object system to Perl 5 via CPAN.

... as sung by the helsinki complaints choir.

Please put it on the kwiki.  If you must fork the kwiki on github, 
please send my fixie a pull request.


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