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 [image: O'Reilly OSCON - Newsletter

Making it official on
week, developer
*Alan Cox*, second only to the great *Linus Torvalds* himself, announced
his resignation from
assuring that the old "family reasons" chestnut might this time be true.

Before leaving, however, Cox reamed former
Hat over its Fedora 18 system, saying he'd stick to Ubuntu instead.

Now that we've got your head spinning with thoughts of Linus and kernels
and red hats and fedoras and Ubuntu (originailly known as a southern
African humanist philosophy), we merely want to know: *What's your
preferred Linux distribution system and why?*

Write to us at code-newsletter at oreilly.com<code-newsletter at oreilly.com?subject=Code+Newsletter+-+What's+your+preferred+Linux+distribution+system+and+why?>.
We're glad to gift all respondents a free O'Reilly ebook of choice.

The Code newsletter team
OSCON 2013 Call for Speakers Is Open for OSCON 2013

[image: OSCON Images]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z0526hlfbgntfa4lisfklfpc2n7bbfv4mkhnal18>

We're looking for speakers to be part of the program for the 15th edition
of OSCON<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z70ir226jv2651dkrjpf6ru2p3ftq9iato6k1b4o>,
happening July 22-26, 2013, in Portland, Oregon. If you have a new idea, a
better way to do something, an interesting and instructive case study
(battle scars optional), or the desire to pass on your hard-won knowledge,
submit a proposal to lead sessions or tutorials.
Find Out More
Open Dialog What the Open Source Community Is Talking About

Open Source OS
[image: Firefox
feeling browser OS envy, *Mozilla* has announced plans to release a
smartphone with
the operating system. It's slated to serve Brazil first, establishing
itself as a less expensive next-gen phone.

Das ist nicht dein Bier!*
*The city of *Munich* has been a poster child for Linux adoption in
government, but Microsoft claims that the German metropolis could have
saved more by staying with their OS. The only problem? MS won't
study that claims to prove it.

Harpooning Narwhal
[image: OFA]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z5uh9047phvn6mnoic6uuatmcda021cf37d50ds0>When
you hire a bunch of open source programmers to code your election software,
you might expect them to open source the results. This is an interesting

Leaky Java
The Good Ship Java keeps springing leaks faster than *Captain Ellison* can
patch them. After working overtime to fix a major vulnerability last week,
the gang from Oracle was surely dismayed to have two
up this week.
Pop! The Weekly Quiz The Question Is Academic

Here's a collegiate quiz that could score you an ebook. *What do West Las
Vegas University and Boston Bay College have in common?*

Think you know? Write
code-newsletter at oreilly.com<code-newsletter at oreilly.com?subject=Code+Newsletter+-+Pop+Quiz+&body=What+do+West+Las+Vegas+University+and+Boston+Bay+College+have+in+common?>with
your answer. The first correct respondent is welcome to choose a free
ebook from the O'Reilly catalog.

*[image: Latrinalia]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z3ntmsnr647vb5mrdaf3v5c143tom0fe8avbhm1g>LAST
TIME*, *Andrew Wilson* was first to answer with the correct location of
out by inn patrons who, lacking a chamber pot, had simply wet the
bed. Naturally, they were hotel guests in the ancient city of *Pompeii*.
Q's A'd The Interactive Bit

[image: Phone in
week, we nattered on about the recent Consumer Electronics Show and
wondered if you had seen or read about anything hot emerging from its
littered Vegas floor. As always, we regret being unable to reprint all of
your smart answers.

"The buzz around here," says *Abigail*, "has been about the *Sony Xperia Z
phone*, which doesn't seem like something—out of all the gadgetry at
CES—that would be the pick item. But we're quite interested in its ability
to natively display 1920x1080 pixels with such a small, thin form factor."

*Robert Stephenson* found two items of interest, first citing "*Securify's
Almond+ touchscreen router*." His second pick? "*Syntellia's Fleksy
keyboard for cellphones*."

He explains: "Besides the usual dictionary correction, the key positions on
the screen are also adaptive so if, for example, you start typing on the
home row but shifted one key to the left, it will type the correct letters
even though every letter you typed was wrong. They demoed typing correctly
on a touchscreen with their eyes closed. Now in beta for Android." We want
this item!

"What made me take the most notice was the proliferation of wearable tech,"
says *Simon*. "I purchased a *Nike Fuel Band* for my father [as] an
incentive for him to be more active. I love the idea of these small
unobtrusive sensors able to collect data for you."

And *Blaed* adds, "I thought that *Corning's willow glass* holds some
interesting possibilities, and the *Luminae keyboard* looks promising!"
tail -f /dev/newsletter All Good Things Must End

Dating's in the Details
[image: Amy & Hubby]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zoe4ktfm84ibcjesp5kobatb81t25tp824tdmpa0>After
a long-term relationship ended, *Amy Webb* wasn't willing to dilly-dally
with her heart. Instead, she reverse-engineered her online dating profile
using analytics to create a super-profile.

What she discovered is painful and fascinating. If you're a woman looking
to meet a man, it's best to have straight hair, not curly; don't mention
your job or sport if they might be deemed "complicated"; answer a message
20 to 23 hours after receiving it; and keep your self-description to 500
words or less. And that's just the beginning.

Dang right Amy found her man. See how she did

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