[Pdx-pm] build clean / generated files

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 14:26:41 PST 2013

# from Jonathan "Duke" Leto on Saturday 16 February 2013:
>> BTW, `./Build clean` eats the lib dir (generated?) pm files.
>Yeah, everything in lib/ is generated, so "clean" removes them. Is
>there some other convention to follow here?

Well, IIRC, that left me stranded when working from the distributed 
tarball -- no option but to delete everything and unpack a new copy.  
Generally, I would expect 'clean' to only reverse the action of 'build'.

That's in line with this description of 'clean':

Of course, 'realclean' and 'distclean' still maybe don't cover swig 
generated files (what about output from .PL files?) - 'squeakyclean'?


Or just make it conditional on `-e '.git'`?


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