[Pdx-pm] Let's play the blame game

Chris Weyl cweyl at alumni.drew.edu
Sat Feb 16 13:02:01 PST 2013

This sounds awfully familiar to a problem I ran into awhile ago maintaining
my $real_job's DPAN.  I'll take a look back through it and see if it's the
same, but if it's the same it's a weird problem where this one fails only
if a certain other package is installed.


On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 1:37 PM, Jonathan "Duke" Leto <jonathan at leto.net>wrote:

> Howdy folks,
> Would anybody like to chime in about who is actually to blame for this
> Github issue on Math::GSL ? :
> https://github.com/leto/math--gsl/issues/43
> This seems like the system Perl on Ubuntu 12.04 is not quite configured
> correctly, but please (please!) tell me I am wrong.
> Duke
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