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Mon Apr 15 18:05:41 PDT 2013

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Subject: [pdx-groups] Memorial for Igal Koshevoy
Date: Monday 15 April 2013
From: Grant Kruger <grantkruger at gmail.com>
To: pdxgroups at googlegroups.com

Hi all,

We have an announcement for Igal Koshevoy's memorial. For those groups 
where Igal was a member we would like to ask you to please spread the 
from your email lists. The announcement is below. Thank you very much 
your assistance and time.


Igal’s memorial will be Sunday, April 21st from 4-7pm at First Unitarian 
Church, 1211 SW Main St, Portland, OR (map <http://goo.gl/maps/EnrmX>). 
Please RSVP at Eventbrite<http://igal-koshevoy-
celebration.eventbrite.com/#> so 
we can plan accordingly. You can sign up as a volunteer when you RSVP, 
by contacting 
carolynn at tenx.org<carolynn at tenx.org?subject=Volunteer%20for%20Igal's%20Celebration%20of%20Life>. 
For those of you familiar with the venue, we will not be using our usual 
entrance so please use the Sanctuary entrance at 1211 Main Street.


Thanks so much,

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