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Subject: [pdx-weekly-hackathon] Celebration of Life for Igal Koshevoy
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We are beginning to work on a Celebration of Life for our friend and
colleague, Igal Koshevoy. We welcome all who wish to participate,
volunteer, and contribute to these efforts.

We have set up a website[0] to help our community celebrate Igal's
life  Please share memories[1], photos or words of remembrance, and
read what others have shared[2].

We are beginning to gather an RSVP count to inform selection of a
location and a date for a memorial. Please RSVP at Eventbrite[3] and
we will update you with event details as soon as they are confirmed.
You can sign up as a volunteer when you RSVP, or by contacting
carolynn at tenx.org.

Stumptown Syndicate is accepting contributions on behalf of Friends of
Igal Koshevoy, if interested please read the Contribute page[4].

[0] http://koshevoy.net/
[1] http://koshevoy.net/share/
[2] http://koshevoy.net/thoughts/
[3] http://igal-koshevoy-celebration.eventbrite.com/
[4] http://koshevoy.net/contribute/

Jacob Helwig

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