[Pdx-pm] Prime Number Generation in Perl -- December meeting in 2 weeks

Seven til Seven enobacon at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 16:29:14 PST 2012

Thursday, December 13th, 6:53pm at FreeGeek -- 1731 SE 10th Ave.

Prime Number Generation in Perl
 speaker: Dana Jacobsen

Dana will give a brief introduction to primes, primality testing, and 
sieves, then show examples in Perl. Dana is the author of the 
Math::Prime::Util module on CPAN.

  * Primes
  * Applications
  * Primality testing in Perl
  * Sieves
  * 15 sieve implementations in Perl including a new string-based sieve
  * 6 CPAN modules
  * Performance and memory use
  * Prime Counting

Sadly a lot of the web examples of Perl sieves are quite bad, often 3-6x 
slower than Perl can do. We can do better! There are also a number of 
CPAN modules related to primes, which will briefly be covered.

As usual, the meeting will be followed by social hour at the lucky lab.

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