[Pdx-pm] February meeting topic (and speaker) needed

Chad Granum exodist7 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 12:31:28 PST 2012

I would be willing to do a "how to cleanup code" session. People can
bring scripts/modules that they know are ugly, such as 200+ line
functions,  large blocks of if/else/else/else and other monstrosities,
then I could bring it up and show how to clean it by factoring it into
smaller parts in manageable chunks. I would show how a successful
refactor preserves logic, but improves readability and testability.
Also showing that refactoring does not have to be scary as long as you
don't try to do a full re-write. I could also create some samples in
case nobody brings any.

Would anyone have interest in this?


On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 2:10 PM, Eric Wilhelm <enobacon at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We need a topic and a speaker for the February meeting (and the next few
> months, for that matter.)  What topics would you like to hear about?
> Suggestions from last night's meeting:
>  Perl on Android
>  What's New in Perl 5.12/5.14 (or Year-in-Review)
>  Getting Started on Win32
>  AnyEvent.pm
>  Web Frameworks
>  Unit Testing Strategies
>  Creating XS Modules
>  Managing per-Application Dependencies
>  Lightning Talks:  My Favorite Module
>  CPAN Module Creation and Packaging
> Please consider whether you could present on one of the topics mentioned
> in the coming months.  First-time speakers are welcome (and you might
> even just want to do half of a pair of half-length presentations.)  If
> you think you might be able to give a talk, please feel free to contact
> me about it off-list.
> Thanks,
> Eric
> --
> We did have a meeting wishlist page on the wiki at one point... that's
> the best part about a wiki!
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