[Pdx-pm] August meeting tonight - rakudo install

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 15:49:29 PDT 2012

Hi all,

If you're bringing a computer and want to play along, you probably want 
to compile your Perl 6 interpreter now (anybody running niecza? 

from http://rakudo.org/how-to-get-rakudo/

 sudo aptitude install libicu44 # I guess
 wget https://github.com/downloads/rakudo/star/rakudo-
 tar -xf rakudo-star-2012.07.tar.gz
 cd rakudo-star-2012.07
 perl Configure.pl --gen-parrot --gen-nqp
 make install
 export PATH=$PWD/install/bin:$PATH
 perl6 -e 'say "Hello {[+] 1..5000}"'

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