[Pdx-pm] tomorrow: Modern Web Frameworks Panel

Seven till Seven enobacon at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 09:41:45 PDT 2012

  Thu. April 12th, 6:53pm at FreeGeek – 1731 SE 10th Ave.
This informal panel / round-table discussion will review and demonstrate 
what has changed over the last few years since Plack has become the 
leading deployment/glue technology for Perl web applications. 

While Plack/PSGI is a vastly more flexible, maintainable, deployable, 
and scalable model than CGI, in many ways it is a back-to-basics 
simplification of the ways in which code and servers interact. It has 
also led to new web frameworks which allow you to forget about all of 
those fundamental details. We'll try to look at the overall picture, 
plus specific examples and discuss use cases and migration experiences.

Panel members: 
  Ben: Dancer demo 
  Joshua: a second person to answer Dancer questions 
  Clay: CGI to Plack conversion 
  Eric: server options for testing and deployment

As usual, the meeting will be followed by social hour at the Lucky Lab.


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