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Michael Rasmussen michael at jamhome.us
Tue Apr 10 02:48:40 PDT 2012

On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 01:16:52AM -0700, benh wrote:
> It's going to be an interesting panel as everything listed thus far is
> really just a matter of the skin you want around your plack app.

It's noteable that among the proposed talks for the Open Source Bridge conference 
(here in Portland, June 26-29) web framework talks don't include plack or other Perl solutions.


Stack up the Stacks: a Comparison of Modern Web Development Tools.
Comparing RoR, Node.js, Django, Lift, and Spring MVC in code.

Dear Lazyconference, let's talk about your favorite web application framework.
Me: experienced Symfony 1 developer trying to decide whether to make the jump to Symfony 2 or to another web application
framework. You: opinionated and passionate users of other MVC-style frameworks. Together we'll form an impromptu
un-panel to compare and contrast our toolkits.

Production ready web services with Dropwizard
Dropwizard is a Java framework for developing ops-friendly, high-performance, RESTful web services. Learn how to build
your first Dropwizard service.

Building a Native Drupal CRM [description snipped]

Data-driven interfaces on the web using Clojure
C2: A declarative visualization library written in Clojure for building interactive, data-driven interfaces on the web

Cooking with wok
Making a website is easier than ever, but tools like Wordpress, Drupal, and Blogger are often overkill for the simple
sites that we want to make. Dynamic sites require resources on every page load, and most of the time the extra efforts
are wasted since the site doesn’t change very often. To solve this problem, tools like Jekyll, Hyde, and Nanoc,

Building Web Apps with Clojure
Get ready for a whirlwind tour of the current Clojure ecosystem of web app technologies. This talk will demonstrate how
fast, responsive apps can be built on this up-and-coming functional language, which is based on Lisp and runs on the
JVM.providing tools like templates and formatting. This session is about wok, a static generator I stated created because I
didn’t like the style of the currently available tools.

Mongoose: making Nodejs web apps easier
Walk with me through the design decisions behind Mongoose, and see how it makes data-modeling a breeze

Why you need to host 100 new wikis just for yourself.
The Federated Wiki offers a new form of conversation well suited for charting our collective future.
(implementations are in Java varients and Ruby)

Not web framework specific, but of interest
Internationalization @Wikipedia: Helping add the next billion web users
This presentation is about open source internationalization (i18n) tools and technologies that are being developed and
rolled out to support 284 languages for Wikipedia communities that enable millions of users to read and edit Wikipedia
content with open source IMEs and web fonts.

And there may be more that my early am search is missing.

It's not that Perl presentations are absent:

Programming in the Future
How does programming change and what will it be like in 25 years when you take your flying car to the office? Do the
past 25 years of Perl give us enough perspective to see 25 years into the future? We'll look at recent progress, new
features, and see how you can use a deeper knowledge of the inner workings to revolutionize your approach solving
problems today.

ng the ideas together, a whirlwind tour of Modern Perl
Modern Perl is awesome. You can do amazing things and get stuff done with so much less code than before. You can turn
this: say join(" ", reverse(split(" ", $string))); into $string->split(" ")->reverse->join(" ")->say; If you've ever
written in Perl and found it not to your taste, or used to use Perl but now use something else, come to this talk to see
if Perl in 2012 is something you can get excited about again.

Don't fear unicode
Unicode isn’t new, but it still seems hard when your starting at the beginning and haven’t even been told the difference
between a glyph, a codepoint, a character and a byte. Every year there are talks and tutorials at conferences about it,
but if you haven’t grasped the basics, you can feel frustrated and lost much too quickly. This talk will cover the
essentials of Unicode, locale and how they affect things like regular expressions, reading and writing files, passing
unicode and out of databases and sending it out to the world. Perl will be the programming language used to demonstrate
these ideas, but much of the content should be accessible to all programmers.

> On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 00:27, Eric Wilhelm <enobacon at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > We discussed this on IRC, but we need more volunteers for the panel
> > and/or we could have more of a round-table.
> >
> > The panel will look at the developments in web frameworks over the last
> > few years, in particular: looking at what has been made possible by
> > Plack/PSGI vs the models of running directly on CGI/FCGI/mod_perl and
> > how new frameworks have taken advantage of this.  There may be
> > questions about templates, deployment, middleware, or some fundamentals
> > about how all of this fits into HTTP.
> >
> >  Ben:      dancer
> >  Clay:     converting CGIs to Plack apps
> >  Jonathan: mason as your dancer templates
> >  Rob:      starman and Plack
> >
> > Please chime in if you have some experience to contribute or would like
> > to pose a question for the discussion.
> >
> > Can anyone talk about recent developments with Catalyst and how that has
> > changed with Plack?  Other frameworks?  Continuations?  Will just
> > saying that Jonathan and Rob are coming to the meeting make it so?
> >
> > Also at this month's meeting, we will have a raffle for a free ticket to
> > OSBridge.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Eric
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