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Subject: Perl Weekly and the Perl Mongers
Date: Sunday 09 October 2011 16:29
From: Gabor Szabo 


There are many people who like to get their Perl-related news by
visiting a web site or via an RSS feed or even Twitter but there are
also a lot of people who would like to get only selected news items
in their in-box.

There are about 13.000 people subscribed to more than 200 Perl Monger
lists yet only a fraction of that number follows the Perl related

The reason I set up the Perl Weekly newsletter: http://perlweekly.com/
is to reach those people who prefer the e-mail format.

In the 2 months since I started the newsletter it managed to get
1400 e-mail subscribers.

Most of that came via referrals. Many came when people
recommended the newsletter on their Perl Monger mailing lists.

I'd like to reach even more people so I'd like to ask you to
1) Check out the Perl Weekly http://perlweekly.com/
    (if you have not done that yet)
2) If you find it a good source of news, then send an e-mail to
   your Perl Mongers group recommending them to subscribe.

thank you in advance

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