[Pdx-pm] Looking for developer(s) for a new project.

Stephen Howard stephen at enterity.com
Sat Mar 27 10:15:22 PDT 2010

Hello fellow perl mongers,

I’ve recently started a project via the Startup Weekend phenomenon,  
and find myself the only developer on a very cool team. I’d like to  
convince someone in the PDX.pm community to join me on the development  
end of things and really make this software rock.

The project is called CluePad (www.cluepad.com) and we’re looking to  
use data culled from multiple sources (web crawling and the Google  
Analytics API for starters) to make simple-to-follow tips that small  
business owners can use to improve their websites in ways that help  
their bottom line. Right now the options for these small business  
owners are either to a) spend a lot of time learning and sifting  
through data on their own, or b) hiring someone on a pricy monthly  
retainer to handle it for them. CluePad would be a low-cost, low-time- 
investment alternative to both of these.

We’re using Catalyst/Template Toolkit and DBIx Class for the site. The  
goal is to spin this into a profitable company, but there’s no money  
in it yet. I’ve got the first generation of the site built and am fine  
tuning it this week before we let in some early adopters.

I’m looking for someone familiar with the modules above, and who is  
used to maintaining a test suite as a matter of course. Bonus points  
for being fluent with jQuery on the client side, or for experience  
with scaling and parallelizing data collection and analysis on the  
back end.

This will primarily be a telecommuting project. If you’re interested  
we’ll have an initial period working together to see whether we’re a  
good fit for each other, and when that goes well we’ll have a  
discussion about equity.

We've got over 30 people waiting to try the software out from some  
minimal pre-release marketing, and have a couple team members who are  
ready and able to get this in front of a lot more people in our target  
market.  This idea was also the winner at Startup Weekend Corvallis in  
December and the startup weekend folks are eager to put their muscle  
behind promoting our success.


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