[Pdx-pm] JSYNC-0.03 for Perl

Ovid publiustemp-pdxpm at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 28 04:22:31 PDT 2010

--- On Sun, 27/6/10, Michael G Schwern <schwern at pobox.com> wrote:

> From: Michael G Schwern <schwern at pobox.com>

> This is pretty sweet!  One of the major reasons JSON
> makes me twitchy about
> using it for anything but simple data serialization is it
> lacks any ability to
> expand.  Its at its design limit just handling basic
> Perl data structures.
> This is one of the reasons I've pushed so hard for TAP to
> use YAML.  JSYNC
> would appear to solve that.

The only real problem with YAML is that it's YAML.  Have you *read* the spec?  It's HUGE.  It's gotten to the point where so many people had put out broken YAML parsers that I was beginning to think that XML would be preferable :/

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