[Pdx-pm] Introduction to Parrot -- February meeting in 2 weeks

Bruce Keeler bruce at drangle.com
Wed Jan 27 15:11:12 PST 2010

On 1/27/2010 1:16 PM, Tom Keller wrote:
> A brief discussion/prediction of where Parrot will fit into "production" environments would be appreciated too. For me Perl is a tool to make me and co-workers more efficient and less error prone. We use it to automate processes that would otherwise require cutting and pasting, typing, selecting from lists, etc.: data munging and also batch processing of on-line data sources.
> How will Parrot help with these and other practical tasks?
Ultimately, it will help by being the thing on which Rakudo (the leading 
and de-facto "official" version of Perl 6) will run.  The day when we'll 
all be writing those data-munging scripts in Perl 6 instead of Perl 5 is 
probably still a ways off, but those guys are making steady and 
accelerating progress in that direction.

Parrot itself is shaping up to be a dream platform for implementing 
languages.  I found myself with some tuits a few months ago, and decided 
to check out Cardinal (ruby on parrot).  It was very easy to learn the 
basics and jump in.  And I don't even know Ruby!  Unfortunately, I ran 
out of tuits shortly after (which is to say the World of Warcraft 
expansion came out ;)

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