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Michael Rasmussen michael at jamhome.us
Thu Jan 7 04:38:50 PST 2010

On Wed, Jan 06, 2010 at 08:28:13PM -0500, paul rogers wrote:
> My system is one I built under guidance of LFS. It's essentially a user workstation. ... I've got a slow dialup, 40Kbps. I see a few "bundles" at OSL, but none seem to be what I need--a collection of ubiquitous source modules that cover most of the common general needs and the prerequisites. Is there such a thing? Can somebody point me to a tarball? I suppose there's a module for dynamically downloading modules. Seems to me I might find that useful or "bits & bobs!
>  " but I'd like to NOT have to use that from this position. Any recommendations? TIA 

Is part of your concern accessing the unknown sized batch of modules
through your 40Kbps connection?  If so, consider taking your machine to
the PLUG monthly clinic at Free Geek and getting your base installation
(using CPAN as others have suggested) of modules to support XML::Parse
installed. During the clinic you could work out your full Gimp install.

Why do you feel Gimp is necessary for integration with your digital
camera?  For light editing showFoto and/or ImageMagick provide many
capabilities.  showFoto has many common transformations available in an
interface that's condusive to quick work.

For transferring photos from your camera and organizing them digiKam
and F-Spot are recommended.

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