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Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Wed Jan 6 21:27:39 PST 2010

On Thursday 07 Jan 2010 04:48:09 Michael G Schwern wrote:
> paul rogers wrote:
> > My system is one I built under guidance of LFS. It's essentially a user
> > workstation. I'm not developing anything, i.e. don't need SVN, just
> > keeping this "useful". It has perl-5.8.7, and whatever "standard"
> > modules it comes with. I got a digital camera for Xmas, so I'm adding
> > support. GIMP seems necessary, and I can't build that without
> > XML::Parse. Once upon a time, maybe 5 years ago, I had a CPAN "bundle"
> > which I apparently lost on a flakey drive. I took a look at CPAN today,
> > and it's grown out of hand! ;-) I really don't want to hunt and peck
> > downloading modules one at a time, I don't need it all, and I've got a
> > slow dialup, 40Kbps. I see a few "bundles" at OSL, but none seem to be
> > what I need--a collection of ubiquitous source modules that cover most
> > of the common general needs and the prerequisites. Is there such a
> > thing? Can somebody point me to a tarball?
> Many have tried, all have failed.  The greatest hurdle is defining what is
> "common" for a general purpose programming language.
> The closest anyone has come is this attempt to list recommended modules for
> various uses.
> http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?recommended_cpan_modules
> > I suppose there's a module
> > for dynamically downloading modules. Seems to me I might find that
> > useful or "bits & bobs! " but I'd like to NOT have to use that from this
> > position. Any recommendations? TIA
> You have two practical choices:
> * Install CPAN modules using the package manager that comes with your
> operating system.  This is the least work for the casual user.
> * Install them with the CPAN shell.  Here is a good tutorial.
> http://learnperl.scratchcomputing.com/tutorials/configuration/

With Linux From Scratch (LFS), he doesn't have any other option. I've 
concentrated the relevant resources about CPAN here:


However, it seems that with perl-5.8.7 (as perl-5.8.8 was released in 
2-February-2006 - http://dev.perl.org/perl5/news/2006/perl-5.8.8.html and 
there's already perl-5.8.9 and perl-5.10.1) and probably a lot of other out-
of-date stuff, the OP's system is in a very sorry state. I suggest that he 
installs a decent, maintainable distribution there.

> What you do not want to do is try to install them "by hand".  This is
>  because the dependency chains for even for the most trivial CPAN module
>  tend to be long.  Let either the CPAN shell or your package manager deal
>  with this.


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