[Pdx-pm] Thanks for your hospitality last week

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Wed Oct 21 14:09:04 PDT 2009


Thanks to all who made me feel welcome last week for my spontaneous  
attendance at last week's meeting.

At "Perl Whirl 02", I was chatting with Gloria Wall (also a linguist)  
about a talk that Larry had just given, in which he touched on  
technical and social issues (think  the days of early Perl6).  Since  
she functions as a sounding board for Larry, she knows a *lot* of  
Perl.  My question to her was "Which is more important, the language  
or the culture?".  Without missing a beat, she answered, "You can't  
separate language and culture".  It was clear that she was drawing on  
her linguistic background as well as her Perl involvement.  Beautiful!

Thanks for being part of the welcoming Perl language/culture!


P.S.  Feel free to head north and join us in the land of SPUG (Seattle  
Perl User's Group).  We meet on the 3rd Tuesday.

Michael R. Wolf
     All mammals learn by playing!
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