[Pdx-pm] weak references (?) problem

Thomas Keller kellert at ohsu.edu
Wed May 13 13:11:20 PDT 2009

I have an excel parser script using Spreadsheet::Read (calls  
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel which is installed and up to date) that works  
fine on my machine running 5.10.0, but on an older machine running  
5.8.8 I get the following error:
"Weak references are not implemented in the version of perl at / 
Library/Perl/5.8.8/Spreadsheet/ParseExcel/Worksheet.pm line 23"

The line in the script that creates the $ref is:
my $ref = ReadData ("${source}/${filename}");

$ref is defined in main, and then used in a subroutine. Is this how a  
weak reference gets created? But I thought perl 5.8.8 would handle  
this anyway. I'm perplexed.

Thanks for any suggestions.


kellert at ohsu.edu

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