[Pdx-pm] FreeTUIT - Fwd: PLUG Advanced Topics January 21st

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 11:27:27 PST 2009

# from Jonathan Leto
# on Saturday 17 January 2009 09:20:

>FreeTUIT sounds interesting, what background knowledge is assumed or
>would be beneficial for the meeting ?

I suppose "you've used a computer", "you've programmed a computer", and 
possibly "you've used the internet" would be about the minimum 
experience required.

Some knowledge of and having-played-with the Wx, Qt, Gtk, or Tk GUI 
widget-sets/toolkits and/or their associated wxGlade/Glade/designer 
WYSIWYWYWG (what you see is what you wish you would get) GUI builders 
would be helpful for understanding some of the concepts, but not 
necessary.  If you've ever written HTML, that's good.

If you've done anything remotely resembling any of the above and then 
felt like you needed to scrub your eyes with steel wool, you should 
certainly enjoy this.

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