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It looks like GSOC 2009 is a done deal, time to start looking for
mentors and students. I think PDX.pm should look into participating in
GHOP as well. How is it going to work next year, with Parrot having
it's own org and the question over whether one organization can/should
represent both Perl 5 and Perl 6/Rakudo ?

Thoughts, comments and recommendations are very welcome.


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Subject: Student Programs for 2009 (warning: long but important)
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First and foremost, Happy 2009 to all! For those of you recently
enjoying holidays, I hope they were pleasant and restful.

We've received Executive approval to run Google Summer of Code and the
Google Highly Open Participation Contest once again in 2009. Summer of
Code will be a bit smaller (targeting ~1000 students this year) so we
will likely target fewer organizations (~150).  The stipend amounts
($4500 to the successful student and $500 to the organization) will
remain unchanged.

We'll be making a teaser announcement on the program discussion list
later today, and once that happens you should feel free to begin
finding your would-be 2009 students. It is, however, imperative that
you make clear that there is no guarantee that your organization will
be accepted in GSoC 2009. You should also make clear to these would-be
student participants that you cannot in any way guarantee a place for
them in the program just because your organization is accepted into
GSoC 2009.

I'll be making a more formal announcement, including details on timing
for 2009, at FOSDEM. I'll post the salient points to this list since I
can imagine most of you will not be able to attend the conference. For
now, it's safe to assume the program timeline is roughly the same as
for 2008.

For those interested in all things GHOP, we will be holding the
Contest once again this year, likely in November. We will not be
expanding its scope greatly, and whether this means we will accept few
organizations or more organizations with less funding for each is TBD.
More on GHOP and incentivizing younger students to participate in your
project in the interim before the contest forthcoming in a few weeks -
stay tuned. After that mail, I'll make sure discussion of the contest
is redirected to the most appropriate mailing list.

Any questions, ask away.

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