[Pdx-pm] Perl and GUIs

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 22:28:34 PST 2009

# from Paul Fenwick
# on Tuesday 06 January 2009 21:08:

>> I like the idea of Perl-Glade but was wondering if there is anything
>> newer/better?
>I've heard (but not used) good things about wxGlade:
>        http://wxglade.sourceforge.net/
>I don't know the quality of Perl code it produces, but it claims to do
> so. YMMV.

I have had some issues with the quality of code produced, specifically 
with regard to strict.  And the general scheme of printing code rather 
bothers me.  Plus, it can lead to architectural contortions.  I also 
have some trouble with particularities in its use of sizers and it can 
be maddening to try to rearrange your widget/sizer hierarchy 

It is a decent graphical introduction to what the widgets are and how 
they fit together (xrced also works for this.)  I think it might be ok 
for quick app or a learning experience, but I found all of that rather 
painful when it came to maintenance.

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