[Pdx-pm] topic needed - March meeting in 2 weeks

Igal Koshevoy igal at pragmaticraft.com
Thu Feb 26 00:52:50 PST 2009

Michael G Schwern wrote:
> Finally, I'm submitting a small pile of talks to the Open Source Bridge Conf
> [1] and I'm happy to take requests from the list.  I'm interested to see what
> people think the talks are about just based on the titles. :)
> Skimmable Code
> Perl, The Good Parts Version
> Don't Be An Asshole When You Respond To Bug Reports
> How To Lie Like A Geek
> Who's Afraid Of 2038?
> You Fail At Testing
> Testing Data With The Sims
> Why Won't The Page Load?
I enjoyed you "Skimmable Code" talk and would like to hear "You Fail At
Testing", "Don't Be An Asshole When You Respond To Bug Reports", and the
"Perl, The Good Parts Version". I'm intrigued but can't guess what
"Testing Data With The Sims" is about.

I'd be glad to see more Perl Mongers submit their proposals. The Open
Source Bridge conference provides tracks that can accommodate a broad
range of talks, from very technical "chemistry" discussions about the
inner workings of technologies like the Parrot VM, to pragmatic
"cooking" talks about implementing solutions with the likes of Perl and
Catalyst, to "culture" panels on what it takes to make open source
effective on a social level.

> [1] What's filling the OSCON shaped void here in Portland, but $200 instead of
> $1000  http://opensourcebridge.org/
We've just opened registration for the conference. It's only $175 if you
register before March 31st: http://opensourcebridge.org/attend/


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