[Pdx-pm] topic needed - March meeting in 2 weeks

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Wed Feb 25 18:52:50 PST 2009

Eric Wilhelm wrote:
> Hi all,
> As nobody has (been) volunteered to speak at the March meeting, I do not 
> have anything to announce today.
> I'm thinking perhaps a Perl 6 Q&A/study session wherein we build a 
> non-trivial class, play with MMD, roles and such.  Is there interest in 
> that?
> Another option might be a Perl 5 tools/techniques round-table of sorts.
> Inline, XS, Qt, other thoughts?
> Please feel free to mail me or join #pdx.pm to discuss.

I could talk about Test::Builder2.  What Test::Builder is.  How you write a
customized testing module.  What's being improved in TB2.  What interesting OO
techniques are being employed.

And then we can do some hacking on it!

Another possibility is to talk about TAP, the Test Anything Protocol (ok 1,
not ok 2...).  How it's being written up as an IETF draft.  Possible
extensions.  And maybe work some on the draft, reference parsers and protocol

Finally, I'm submitting a small pile of talks to the Open Source Bridge Conf
[1] and I'm happy to take requests from the list.  I'm interested to see what
people think the talks are about just based on the titles. :)

Skimmable Code
Perl, The Good Parts Version
Don't Be An Asshole When You Respond To Bug Reports
How To Lie Like A Geek
Who's Afraid Of 2038?
You Fail At Testing
Testing Data With The Sims
Why Won't The Page Load?

[1] What's filling the OSCON shaped void here in Portland, but $200 instead of
$1000  http://opensourcebridge.org/

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