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Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Tue Dec 15 03:00:23 PST 2009

On Tuesday 15 Dec 2009 06:26:39 Thomas O'Hearn wrote:
> I have a very basic question. I am in the Eugene area. My sister and her
> friend would like to create a website, and they'd like to work with someone
> who is experienced attaching search engines to sites, metacrawlers and all
> that.
> I know this is very basic. But it sounded like Perl was the language that
> popped up when discussing using search engines and implementing them into
> your site, so I tried to find people close to home.
> Anyone here capable and know more of what I'm talking about then I do? They
> basically want their search bar to be attached to one of the external
> engines available, or one of the crawlers that monitors the major
> engines...etc. They need someone who can do that.

If I understand you correctly, you don't need Perl to do that. You can just 
set up a Google site search box using plain HTML:


Or alternatively for Yahoo:

http://search.yahoo.com/info/ysearchbox_introduction.html (though the markup 
there needs massaging to be updated to modern standards).

There are other boxes for different web-searches.


	Shlomi Fish

> Haha. Okay. Hope to hear back, thanks all.
> Thomas

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