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Hello Thomas,

There are a lot of different ways to go with this. There is a VERY
active SEO group in portland that might be useful,  There are many
different web methodologies that could be used. For the most part, I
always push people towards using ome of the existing CMS (Content
Management Systems). See http://www.cmsmatrix.org

This solves many of the issues for people getting up and going. And
then you can do SEO work on top of that. If your sister is doing
online retail (E-tailing), there is a Corvallis E-tailing group that
meets monthly that talks about this type of thing.There are several
Web oriented folks in Corvallis that meet and discuss things like this
in other venues.

You might talk to a guy named Larry Price in Eugene, he may be able to
help your sister get connected to more local resources.

And to find a wider range of technical activities in Portland, you
should also check out the Calagator.org site, which agregates
calendars for different Tech groups.

In addition, tonight is the IT Pro Forum meeting night in Eugene:
http://www.itproforum.org  This is a collection of System admins who
gather. They often are connected to the different web types around an

2009/12/14 Thomas O'Hearn <ohearn.thomas at gmail.com>:
> I have a very basic question. I am in the Eugene area. My sister and her
> friend would like to create a website, and they'd like to work with someone
> who is experienced attaching search engines to sites, metacrawlers and all
> that.
> I know this is very basic. But it sounded like Perl was the language that
> popped up when discussing using search engines and implementing them into
> your site, so I tried to find people close to home.
> Anyone here capable and know more of what I'm talking about then I do? They
> basically want their search bar to be attached to one of the external
> engines available, or one of the crawlers that monitors the major
> engines...etc. They need someone who can do that.
> Haha. Okay. Hope to hear back, thanks all.
> Thomas
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