[Pdx-pm] Creating animated geometric GIFs with Perl?

perl perl at evolone.org
Mon Apr 6 13:38:24 PDT 2009

On Mon, 6 Apr 2009 10:46:05 -0700
Eric Wilhelm <enobacon at gmail.com> wrote:

> # from Keith Lofstrom
> # on Sunday 05 April 2009 21:01:
> >I want to make some animated GIFs.  I will be moving groups of
> >geometric elements (lines, rectangles, ellipses) around.
> CAD::Drawing has these geometric primitives, transformations, and an 
> Image::Magick output connector.
> Ellipses might be a hangup - IIRC I::M goes with the "rectangle" 
> definition, which may or may not allow rotation.  The output dispatch 
> tables are pretty simple to extend if anything is missing.
> I also know a local consultant you can hire for this kind of
> thing. ;-)
> --Eric

Probably GD.pm will do for you. And it'll output animated gifs, from a quick look at the perldoc.


-- Mike Higgins

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