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Note:  I think we usually get some kind of user-group discount code.  I 
would hope we hear about that soon.  --Eric

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O'Reilly Open Source Convention - OSCON
July 20-24, 2009
San Jose McEnery Convention Center
San Jose, CA

Register Now for OSCON 2009, Save $250, Discover Why Open Source Is
 Open for Business.

In trying times such as these, saving money becomes a bigger priority
 for everyone. While challenging, the current global situation provides
 the open source community with the opportunity to sustain, apply, and
 expand open source to change the world and strengthen our personal and
 professional competitiveness. At the core of so many emerging
technologies, driving the innovation engine, open source offers a way
 to save technology costs in your organization and to keep your
 business moving forward in tough times.

OSCON 2009 will tackle the hard questions and propose some answers: How
can open source -- its tools and its principles -- contribute to making
 a difference, both in the business of computing and in creating a
 sustainable lifestyle? In an uncertain economy, how can open source
 empower us? How can we turn up the volume on efficiency, knowledge
 transfer, and working smarter within constraints to achieve more with
 what we already have -- or even with less?

Join us as we continue our passion conversation about the present and
future of open source and the savings it offers to all of us. For
starters, you'll save $250 when you register for OSCON by June 2, at:

Who will be at OSCON 2009?
Developers and programmers, designers, sys admins, hackers and geeks,
enterprise developers and managers, IT managers and CxOs,
 entrepreneurs, activists, trainers, and educators. In short, everyone
 passionate about open source. Some 3,000 people will attend, many
 looking for new opportunities to regroup, retrain, and rebuild. Are
 you taking on new responsibilities or switching gears to work with new
 priorities? At OSCON, you'll find out how others are meeting these
 same challenges and staying competitive. The open source community is
 deeply committed to the idea that there is always a better way, making
 OSCON one of the most energizing training experiences around. Open
 source continues to thrive and grow because better ways, particularly
 to increase ease of use and lower the cost of deployment, continue to
 be found.

Profit from hundreds of sessions in 17 tracks
We received a record number of speaking proposals this year, meaning
 that OSCON 2009 will have the best program yet.

We're still confirming speakers, but we've already scheduled more than
 200 sessions that will focus on how open source can save money, save
 the day, and spread the word. Here's just a sampling:

Administration: Open source innovations in system and network
- Server Management and Source Control: The Key to Scalability and
Teamwork -- Lance Albertson (Oregon State University Open Source Lab)

Business:  Open source best practices applied within the enterprise,
 legal issues, and marketing strategies
- Building a Business on Open Source Distributed Computing -- Bradford
Stephens (Visible Technologies)
- Building a Corporate Blog Portal Using WordPress MU -- Dan York
 (Voxeo Corporation)

Databases:  Essential techniques and advanced tips in MySQL,
 PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.
- Linux Filesystem Performance for Databases -- Selena Deckelmann
(PostgreSQL Project)

Desktop Applications:  GUI toolkits, synchronization and offline
 caching, filling the long tail of a fully open source desktop
 experience - Emails Hates the Living! -- Ricardo Signes (code simply)

Design & Usability
- Grokkin' Design -- Jon Tan (OmniTI)

Emerging Topics: Promising projects, proposals, and people
- Bureaucrats, Technocrats and Policy Cats: How the Government Is
 Turning to Open Source, and Why -- Deborah Bryant and Greg Lund-Chaix
 (Oregon State University Open Source Lab), Bjorn Freeman-Benson
 (DemocracyLab), E. John Sebes (Open Source Digital Voting Foundation),
 and Greg Elin (Sunlight Foundation)
- Hacking the Open Government -- John Mark Walker (CollabNet), Kevin
 Marks (Google), Silone Bonewald (League of Technical Voters), Ilan
 Rabinovitch (GeekPAC)

Java:  New tools, building on OpenJDK, Harmony, etc.
- Transparent Sharing of Complex Data with YAML -- Ingy dot Net

Linux:  Creation, use, and future direction of Linux and its killer
 apps, from kernel and distros to office suites and multimedia
- The Future of Filesystems and Storage -- Theodore Ts'o (Linux

Mobile:  Ahead-of-the-curve open telephony and mobile technologies,
people, projects, and activities pushing the boundaries of what’s
– The Bee: UNICEF's Portable Infrastructure for Emergency
 Communications -- Seth Herr (UNICEF)

People:  Community, users and their experience, user-centered design
 and usability, humans rather than technology or processes, marketing
 as an architecture of collaboration
- What Has Worked: OpenOffice.org around the World -- Louis
 Suarez-Potts (Sun Microsystems/OpenOffice.org)

Perl: (Perl Conference 12) Perl 5 and Perl 6, trends from databases to
mod_perl to Perl hacks for productivity
- Hacking Rakudo Perl - Patrick Michaud (pmichaud.com)

PHP:  (PHP Conference 8) migration, deployment, security, and preparing
for the future
- PHP: The Good Parts -- Chris Shiflett (OmniTI)

Programming:  Hard-core open source tools, technologies, and techniques
for elegant, quality coding
- Building Compilers with the Parrot Compiler Toolkit -- Patrick
 Michaud (pmichaud.com)

Python: (Python 16 Conference) latest developments, Python 2.x and 3.0
- Transparent Sharing of Complex Data with YAML -- Ingy döt Net (code

Ruby: Rails, Ruby 2.0, test, deploy, extend, and integrate
- Implementing Privacy: OAuth and Token Madness -- Evan "Rabble"
Henshaw-Plath (entp.com)

Security: Application, network, and data security, from Linux firewalls
 to VoIP risks
- Security without Disruption: Ksplice Kernel Updates -- Jeff Arnold
(Ksplice, Inc.)

Web Applications: The perpetual beta model, user experience,
 frameworks, scaling, testing

- How Green Is Our City? The Urban Forest Mapping Project -- Kelaine
Vargas (Urban Forest Map)
- Building a Highly Scalable, Open Source, Twitter Clone -- Dan
 Diephouse (MuleSource)

We'll be telling you more soon about tutorials, sessions, speakers, and
keynotes, as well as events and activities at the convention.

Stay in touch with what's going on at OSCON
Sign up for the conference newsletter to receive advance announcements
 and updates on the program as it develops. Go now to:
You can also follow OSCON on:
Twitter [http://twitter.com/oscon]
Facebook [http://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/facebook]
Identica [http://identi.ca/oscon]
LinkedIn [http://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/linkedin]

New venue for OSCON 2009
This year, OSCON will be held at the San Jose McEnery Convention
 Center, and we are looking forward to engaging in new activities and
 to welcoming new projects from local open source communities. We have
 secured affordable group rates at the San Jose Marriott and the Hilton
 San Jose; both hotels are connected to the convention center. Check
 the website for details.

If you have ideas for speakers and topics that will make the conference
 a must-attend event, send them to:
oscon-idea at oreilly.com

For media and promotional partner opportunities please email
mediapartners at oreilly.com

Sponsorship and exhibit opportunities are available to promote your
company at the 11th annual OSCON. Contact Sharon Cordesse for details:
scordesse at oreilly.com

We're hoping you will join us in San Jose this summer,

The OSCON 2009 Team

P.S. Registration is now open at:
s09_ext_em5 Register by June 2 to save $250!


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