[Pdx-pm] Perl job, working on open source sofware

Randall Hansen randall at sonofhans.net
Tue May 20 11:52:53 PDT 2008

OpenSourcery[1] is looking for a Perl developer for a full-time job in
our office in Portland, Oregon.  I've been with OpenSourcery for nearly
three years, and it's the best place I've worked.

You'll be working on open source software:  eleMental Clinic[2], an
electronic medical records application for mental health clinics.  eMC
has been in development for 4.5 years (and is based on SQL Clinic, also
free software, and in development since 2000).  It's deployed in
several places around Oregon, and in other states.  eleMental Clinic is
a real solution for real problems; many of the people helped by
agencies using this application literally have nowhere else to turn.

It's also a really cool application:  mod_perl, MVC, object-oriented
and well-tested.  We have 25k LOC in Perl across 105 objects, and 40k
LOC in over 10,000 unit and acceptance tests.  We control the full
stack.  Some work we do for clients, some work we do at our own behest.

General requirements:
- software engineering fundamentals
- test-driven development
- agile practices
- design and maintenance of web applications

Technical skills:
- Perl
- mod_perl2
- relational databases (we target Postgres 8)
- bonus points for view-layer skills:  HTML, CSS, Javascript

You must be a good fit for our team of great people.  We have an
informal office with 40-hour weeks.  We work primarily for non-profits,
social service agencies, and startups.  We turn down work regularly if
we don't agree with a potential client's mission.  I'd rather sleep
well at night than work for Exxon.

OpenSourcery does custom development in Ruby (mostly Rails), PHP
(mostly Drupal), and Perl.  We really love Perl:  it's the language of
choice for two of us (me and Chad).  Three of us regularly work on eMC.
We have a strong engineering culture, heavily biased towards Doing The
Right Thing.

If you want to know what it's like to work with me and with eMC, email
PDX.pm president emeritus Josh Heumann <josh at joshheumann.com> (or
perhaps he'll respond from Oz, since I know he still reads this).  A
fair amount of the app still has Josh's name on it.

If you're interested, please respond to me.  I'd like to see some
tested OO code samples.  Double bonus points for finding the mod_perl
dispatch code in the repo and telling me something interesting about
it.  :)


1. http://opensourcery.com

2. http://elementalclinic.org.  also, see the Trac site at:

     we have client work in the repository, so the "Browse Source" link
     won't work, but this will:

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