[Pdx-pm] perl upgrade

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Wed Jan 30 13:00:06 PST 2008

Lindsey Kuper wrote:
> If I were to, say, just save it on my desktop and then run "install
> ~/Desktop/Snapshot_2008_01_30_00", then CPAN just goes looking out in
> the world for things called that.  Schwern, is there a magic trick I
> don't know?

I thought it was just that it probably doesn't know about ~ expansion, but no, 
it doesn't appear to do filepaths at all.  Nor file URIs.  I put in a wishlist 
request for absolute URIs and file paths.

CPANPLUS, otoh, will handle local files but it does not appear to understand 
the bundle file.

One similar trick is that you can run "cpan ." in a distribution directory and 
it will install that with the CPAN shell.  Handy if you download a module 
tarball and it turns out to have a bunch of directories.

Stabbing you in the face so you don't have to.

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