[Pdx-pm] perl upgrade

Lindsey Kuper lindsey at rockstargirl.org
Wed Jan 30 12:05:02 PST 2008

Schwern wrote:

> Thomas Keller wrote:
> > Sorry to have to ask this. It's probably something I should know. But
> > can I upgrade Perl using CPAN?
> No, but you can make the upgrade process a lot easier assuming you're crossing
> a major version boundary.
> 1)  Run "autobundle" in the CPAN shell.  This will make a big file of all the
> modules you have installed.  Note the location.
> 2)  Install a new perl by hand.
> 3)  Run "install /path/to/the/bundle/file" and it will reinstall all those
> modules.  Takes some time, but at least it's automatic.

Slightly off-topic, but maybe worth asking:  the only way I've been
able to make autobundle snapshots work is by saving the bundle file
(say it's called "Snapshot_2008_01_30_00.pm") in ~/.cpan/Bundle/ ,
firing up CPAN, then running "install Bundle::Snapshot_2008_01_30_00"
at the CPAN prompt.

If I were to, say, just save it on my desktop and then run "install
~/Desktop/Snapshot_2008_01_30_00", then CPAN just goes looking out in
the world for things called that.  Schwern, is there a magic trick I
don't know?



Lindsey Kuper, Rock Star in Training

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