[Pdx-pm] Suggested Perl Best *Operating* Practices?

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 17:31:51 PDT 2008

# from Keith Lofstrom
# on Thursday 28 August 2008 16:39:

>I suspect that the book I really want will be titled something like
>"Administering Perl".  This imaginary book will include ...

And may or may not be out of date by the time it gets to print.

>But most of us have other missions to accomplish, and
>haven't the time to reach that level of expertise.

Perhaps those who deal extensively with deployment, installation, smoke 
testing, and etc tend to roll their own tools (or build distro 
packages) rather than documenting how to do it in the general or 
cross-platform case?  The .packlist thing is a good example -- you can 
use it to delete the package contents, but not to check whether you're 
breaking a dependency while doing so.

Or someone (with a bigger stack of tuits than I) could cleanup PAUSE, 
CPAN(PLUS).pm, Module::Build, configure, and the rest of the process to 
the point that you don't need a book full of knowledge about historical 
accidents and a system audit to install Perl and a couple of modules?
"More than one way to do it" is like "A certain way to do it on Tuesday 
in Reno if it's raining (in Plano) and your name has an h in it".

"...our schools have been scientifically designed to
prevent overeducation from happening."
--William Troy Harris

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