[Pdx-pm] Suggested Perl Best *Operating* Practices?

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Thu Aug 28 16:39:59 PDT 2008

I learned many things from the recent flurry of excellent responses
to my postings about Red Hat and Perl.

One of the things that I learned (again) is that there are many
useful Perl administration and configuration techniques known
by the cognoscenti that do not appear to be collected anywhere. 
Since the Web Knows Everything, that may be my inability to search.

Perhaps the Perl cognoscenti (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) can
point me at a book, article, or website that is a complete guide to
setting up and maintaining a Perl environment.  I ordered the book
"Perl for System Administration" (O'R 2000), hoping for some clues
when it arrives.  It may just add to the dozens of Perl books 
gracing my shelves, containing many programming gems but lacking
deployment details.

I suspect that the book I really want will be titled something like
"Administering Perl".  This imaginary book will include details like
security maintenance of multiple Perls,  backing out of bad modules,
finding the best stuff on CPAN, local modification best practices,
etc.  It would be a fat book full of contradictory advice, because,
after all, TIMTOWTDI.  Or it might suggest which technique to use
in which circumstance, and the level of Perl expertise (available
at popular prices, consult your local pm.org) needed to accomplish
various sizes of task.

I appreciate Perl, and the people that devote large parts of their
lives to it.  But most of us have other missions to accomplish, and
haven't the time to reach that level of expertise.  Some guidelines
about properly using the bounty (code and consultants) created by
our mongering sistren and brethren might help expand that usage.


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