[Pdx-pm] [csieh at fnal.gov: Re: Horribly Broken RHEL5/SL5 Perl]

chromatic chromatic at wgz.org
Tue Aug 26 11:00:50 PDT 2008

On Tuesday 26 August 2008 10:32:26 Daniel Johnson wrote:

> I'm getting in the habit of building OS packages for things I install
> from source.  That way I can clean them out pretty easily if they
> break something, and they replace the system version instead of being
> a secondary install so I'm never in any doubt as to which version is
> running.

Be very careful replacing the system version (where "very careful" 
means "don't do it!"); if you change the installation significantly, you can 
render certain system tools inoperable and break your machine.

-- c

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