[Pdx-pm] [csieh at fnal.gov: Re: Horribly Broken RHEL5/SL5 Perl]

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Tue Aug 26 10:43:57 PDT 2008

* Daniel Johnson <teknotus at gmail.com> [2008-08-26 19:35]:
> I'm getting in the habit of building OS packages for things I
> install from source. That way I can clean them out pretty
> easily if they break something, and they replace the system
> version instead of being a secondary install so I'm never in
> any doubt as to which version is running.

Building a package out a local compile is a good idea, but
replacing the system perl is not. Build a second perl for your
own purposes and leave the system-supplied one completely alone.
The reason for this is that (to the extent that they are tested
at all!) the packages provided by the vendor are tested against
the perl packaged by the vendor. Messing with it puts you on
uncharted territory.

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