[Pdx-pm] Should be easy, but...

Austin Schutz tex at off.org
Tue Oct 23 14:22:16 PDT 2007

	Ok, so all I want to know is what the path is to my cgi script. Sounds
easy, but modperl changes $0 to /usr/sbin/apache2.
	Some random postings on the web indicate FindBin or FindBin::Real.
Perfect, even supposed to work with modperl. Ok, here we go.. ah...
Bin: /usr/sbin, Script: apache2, Realbin: /usr/sbin. Super.

	This should be taking 10 seconds, instead I've wasted the better part
of a day trying to figure this out. Surely I must be missing something
obvious, yes? Shouldn't the path to the currently executing script be simple
to find, like maybe even in the perl core simple?


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