[Pdx-pm] Professional perl programmer running for Portland city commissioner!

Daniel Johnson teknotus at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 10:13:51 PST 2007

> Hey, I met that guy this morning on the Hawthorne Bridge.  He was giving out
> coffee and doughnuts to bike commuters and pitching the pro-bike aspects of
> his campaign.
> No mention of Perl.
> styrofoam cups, bleaaach.  I gave him grief for the matter.

The cups were purchased by a volunteer.  I think they were going to
get used ceramic mugs at goodwill, or something, but they ran out of
time.  Everyone was sad about the cups including the person who
brought them.

I was there for a while myself.  I only learned about the perl
connection because he asked me what I do for a living.  As big as the
local FOSS community is I don't think it is big enough to be a major
issue for candidates yet.  Still it would be nice to have someone in
city hall that attends OSCON.

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