[Pdx-pm] what to do when cpan multiplexer selects very slow site?

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Tue Mar 20 22:52:34 PDT 2007

The location:  A machine that has not been visited for a while
The victim:  Someone who should know more about CPAN
The goal: load the CGI::Session module with CPAN
The time:  2007 March 20 1900 PST

The problem: 
CPAN wants to use ftp.perl.org - and for some arcane reason, it
wants to send data at about 100 bytes per second tonight.  As CPAN
slowly loads a current version of 02packages.details.txt.gz (~500KB),
the sun sets, civilizations fall, and continents erode into the sea. 
How, sez I, can I force CPAN to use a different mirror?  perldoc CPAN,
the CPAN FAQ, and other oracles are unhelpful, though perhaps the
same evil forces that mired ftp.perl.org in molasses are also working
on my brain ...

The first amusing flailing workaround:
Manually ownload 02packages.details.txt.gz and 03modlist.data.gz
from an alternate site (about 2 seconds each) and install in the
/root/.cpan/sources/modules directory.  Try "perl -MCPAN -e shell"
again, this time the install getting to the actual download of
CGI::Session.  From ftp.perl.org.  Via the LaBrea Tarfile Pits ...

The second amusing flailing workaround:
Download CPAN-1.8802.tar.gz from alternate site .  Untar into
/root/.cpan/build/ .  Go there,  "perl Makefile.PL", "make test",
"make install".  Then run "perl -MCPAN -e shell", select install
defaults,  and then "install CGI::Session".  Runs at warp speed,
faster than G.W. Bush escaping a Mensa meeting.  Problem solved
in a disgusting manner. 

What is the Easy Way (tm)?


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