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benh ben.hengst at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 07:53:46 PDT 2007

I might be missing the point here but yes, jifty does emulate
continuations like seaside. As to how they go about it.... not a clue.

There are a few ways that I can think of but all seem some what
clunky. The "best" would be to store a cookie with some 'state_id'
that is then recorded on the backend with all the needed info. Then
when the user requests a page, and since all cookies are avail for all
requests you can rebuild state on the backend and continue as though
nothing has happend. Though to emulate what I saw from last night it
looks like seaside is also adding a unique get var on the URL that
would have the same effect but would give the user the ability to use
the backbutton to change state as well as bookmark but would look some
what ugly and give the user the abitily to monkey with that var.

everything else that I can think of is to just pass everything via
post... though the more that I think about it... I dont think that
would work out so well as the back button would kill it....

On 3/15/07, Thomas Keller <kellert at ohsu.edu> wrote:
> squeek, squeek
> I'm trying to remember what the person who gave the pdx.pm Jifty talk
> said. But it had to do with the things that made that counter example
> possible. continuations? I don't know the technical details. But if
> you imagine trying to get that counter example to work with CGI, ....
> I don't know how you would do it. How about using javascript? I think
> you could do it with javascript, and then you'd have to add the
> asynchronous stuff to come close to the way smalltalk does it. I
> almost said painlessly, but that's only because of the great objects
> created by the seaside folks.
> In any event, she flat out said they tried to emulate seaside in
> their development of jifty.
> Can someone else grock what I'm trying to say and translate into
> computerese?
> Tom K
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